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First Steps

I am a Teenager and acutally i should start to think honestly about my future. Yeah i really should.

But since i am a little girl my attention applies to anything else. My father use to say that i live in a Little cloud full of useless knowledge. He don`t means that bad, he loves me. And I understand what he means.

If you ask me  where is which river in our country ....i will have no clue. Or if you ask me who is our Minister of eviroment ...maybe i can guess it right. Instead i can tell you everything about this or that actor or celebrity, i can explain and sing to you nearly 1000 lyrics of Songs, and a also know pretty much things about dozens of movies.

With time I relaized it for myself, and I can say that i am a person who really fast can be crazy after something or someone. And if I have found a new, for my father useless addiction , I seek to know all about it.

So all the stuff I find out keeps stucking in my head and because of that my mind is full of Facts.

 In this blog I will try to live out my crazyness and maybe someone can understand it =) 

Maybe I will put sometimes personal stuff into it. 


LoL.L (Lots of Love. Leo ) :*

6.2.15 15:41


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