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1.1 Benedict Cumberbatch

Everyone who does not have hear that Name miss something ! I don`t want to create a wanted poster if you expect that. I just write down my main thoughts to make my head a little more air :D





This guy is awesome. I find it really sad for my own that I be aware of him so late. The first time I saw him was in "The Hobbit" ( by the way another piece in my mind but I will maybe come back to that topic later in another capture ). Because he played smaug I was not able to see a lot of him ( Motion Capter). But thank god there is YouTube ( Youtube is next to Wikipedia really the biggest help for my research after everything :D )

So back to Ben. I watched a few Videos about "Making the Hobbit" where I see more of him. After I took a closer look to a bunch of actors in that franchise  of course I also informed about him. And damn his eyes are unbelievable ! I read about other films and series he worked in. And then found `Sherlock`. This Show is so amazing !!






Not just that Benedict Plays Sherlock, no ! Martin Freeman embodies John Watson. How awesome is that ??

How I am I spent in one week the one or other euro to get all the DVD`s of the series. And no I don`t regret my Investigation :D 

After that I really had a total crush on him. So past "Sherlock" he became my screendisplay on my Laptop ( I know I know it is childish ) and i started watching  every movie i could where he placed in. Star Trek , War Horse , The Last Enemy,  12 Years a Slave, Forthysomething , and so on and so on....

 However in my opinion it`s great to watch movies with favourite actors but if you want to take a look on their personalty I advice you to watch Talk- and Late Night Shows if you are as crazy as me :D

 For me the absolutly best are " Ellen", "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and the "Graham Norton Show".

 So I watched a lot of Videos and he is such a Sweetheart and Gentleman !! Cutest Thing is that he really has a issue to say "penguin" Furthermore he is very close to Tom Hiddleston ( Ladys and Gentleman he will be absolutly 1.2 ) he is a great Talent in imitating and his voice lets the room become hotter.






  The sweetest News so far are that he will become a father !

I will keep my eyes on him - hopefully  i will be able to see " The Imitation Game " as soon as possible .....the cinemas in my City don`t Shows it ( no understanding ! That movie is nominated for more than one Oscar !!!)

By the way , watch the Oscars 2015 if you want and can ! Amazing People, amazing Dresses ! Yeah i will not sleep that day because the Transmission time is between 0:30 and 05:00 am on a monday morning. School on that day will be awesome :D





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1. Hot Actors

So lets start with a big crazy addiction of mine

Yeah I know and I am happy about it that I am clearly not the only Girl in the world, who is crazy after hot, sweet and handsome men out of the far celebrity world.

I find out that I have a Special weakness for british actors. But come on they are awesome !

If you read my introduce-capture then you know that I am fast crazy after something. Well every actor my eye has caught has a Special place in my mind . And of course this place aims after informations or funny Facts . :D 

I will gradually present you  one or another one who has my Attention.

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